Timely, Professional Computer Repair

We provide computer repairs for all PCs and Macs. Our technology support professionals can come to your office and repair the problem, or you can bring it to our shop in the Spokane Valley.

Some of our most common services we provide to our customers:

Computer Virus removal

spokane computer repairA computer virus can cause many problems. From unexpected actions on your machine to actually stealing data, a virus is nothing you want residing on your computer. We have state of the art anti-virus software and the expertise to manually remove the virus(es) if necessary. Not only will we make your computer network virus free, we also have network security services to help prevent future infections

Fixing Computers that won’t turn on

One day clicking the power button may not work. Computers are susceptible to power surges and being connected to a surge protector is always recommended. If you think you did get a surge, bring your computer to our shop and we’ll get it fixed.

Hardware replacement

It can be difficult knowing which part of your computer hardware is the problem. Our certified technicians can diagnose and replace motherboards, screens, keyboards, RAM Memory, video cards, hard drives and more.

Software repair, replacement & Upgrades

If your software is causing you issues or you would like to upgrade your systems to the latest versions, we can offer our expertise in not only choosing the correct software to fit your needs, but also implement the change in a timely fashion.

Restoring slow or freezing computers

If your machines are experiencing poor performance we can come in and get your computers back into peak health. This will increase workplace productivity and also potentially prevent future issues down the road.

Call us today to set up your computer repair appointment and get your system running again!